Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Meeting

February 2017 Minutes
The Twisted Stitchers met Feb. 3rd at the Kidder Methodist  Church for our monthly meeting and open sew.
Minutes for the January meeting were read and approved. The financial report was given and approved.
We welcomed 5-6 new quilters from the Kidder area.  We decided to move the meeting and open sew to the 1st Thursday of the month.  However, later in the week, it was discovered that night would not work, so by email vote, the 1st Friday was kept as our meeting night.
The next block of the month was given out, the rail fence.
The second half of the fabric origami program was given by Pat Y.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Meeting

Minutes -- 

January 2017 Minutes
Twisted Stitchers met Jan. 19 at 6:30. The minutes of the Dec. meeting were read and approved.
Patterns for the block of the month—strip rail—for a quilt of valor were passed out.
Romme gave the financial report and said that 2017 dues of $24 are now due.
Depending on feedback from Richard Evans, our monthly meetings will move to the 1st Friday of the month at the Kidder Methodist Church followed by open sew.
There were quite a few show and tell quilts by Janet & Rodney, Margie, Romme, and Sue.  We have such a talented bunch.
The program was given by Pat Y. on fabric origami, who will also give Feb. program on a different origami pattern.

**Since our meeting, Richard has approved our gathering at his church on Feb. 3rd for our meeting. If you have never been to the Methodist Church in Kidder and aren't sure of how to get there, please email one of our officers for directions.**

Show and Tell pictures --

Saturday, December 17, 2016

December Meeting

We had our December guild meeting Thursday night. We had a fairly short business meeting, and then we did our Christmas gift exchange, played Bingo, and had a little Christmas feast.


December meeting-
Secretary's Report ---
Treasurer's Report ---
Block of the Month ---- We decided last month that we are going to change the direction of our Block of the Month program in Margie's new administration. This year, it will be geared toward community service. So instead of everyone making their own individual blocks and keeping them to make a quilt (which you can still do if you wish), we all will make our blocks to be donated, and at the end of the year, we should have enough blocks to either make one very large quilt or several smaller ones. To get this started in the New Year, we ask that everyone who wants to participate brings a yard of fabric to donate to this project. We plan to start out making red, white, and blue quilts for veterans. So far we have three volunteers who are going to bring fabrics - 
Becky bringing red 
Margie bringing blue
Pat Y. bringing beige 
Romme will also bring her large sack of reds, whites, and blues that were donated to the guild by the late Carolyn P. 
We did decide that we do not want any stark whites in this first project, so if you were not present at the meeting but do intend to participate in this project and turn in fabric next month, please bring a beige or cream instead of a bright white. 
New colors and yardages will be added as months go on to add more color variety to our projects.

Show and Tell; Pat Y. brought beautiful origami pieces that she has been working on, and everyone liked them so much that it was decided that she will be demonstrating her technique for next month's program. It is undecided whether this will be just a demonstration or a workshop, so please watch your inboxes for information on whether you need to bring your sewing supplies or not. 

I just wanted to thank everyone who was helped our guild out in 2016; those who held an office, volunteers who generously offered their time, everyone. Thank you for making everything happen this year. We wouldn't exist without you.


Saturday, November 19, 2016

November Meeting

Our November meeting was Thursday. We had our President's challenge program, and we nominated new officers for 2017!

November minutes - 
Secretary: ---
Treasurer's Report: --- xxx.xx
Block of the month --- All patterns have been passed out for the year.
Website ---
Community service --- The red white and blue blocks for the Valor quilt we were all working on have been turned in. Sue has come up with a new quilt idea, and she passed out patterns to everyone to make blocks for this project.
The Baptist Home in Chillicothe has once again invited us to come over and give a quilt program during their County Fair Day in August, so we are planning ahead and trying to get some community service quilts done so we can have a full show when summer rolls around!

Old business: ----

New Business: 
Officers for 2017 ---
President elect: Patti
Treasurer: Romme
Secretary: Pat O
Website: Katie
Block of the Month: Margie

The decision was made for the Block of the Month program to be redefined to be intended to make blocks for community service quilts. We decided that in the New Year we would once again do without the office of Program Chairwoman, as our system for programs this year worked out pretty well. Our former Chairwoman, Carolyn, who brought us so many wonderful ideas and programs in past years, has left us too soon and we feel that it would be hard to replace her.

December meeting - Bring anything from your sewing room that you would like to give away for gift exchange. Also, please bring a food item.  Some members expressed interest in playing Moda Bingo during our meeting. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? 
Our December meeting falls on the 15th, so mark your calendars! Bring a friend or two if you'd like. The more the merrier!

Show and Tell --- Margie, Janet, Romme, Katie, Sue 

Program: President's Fat Quarter Challenge

Friday, October 21, 2016

October Meeting

We had a nice meeting last night, complimented greatly by Pat's program! We welcomed two new members to our guild last night; Janet and Rodney. They have just moved to Missouri from Arizona and we were very pleased that they chose to spend their evening with us! We look forward to including them in our group in the months to come.


Secretary's report: no minutes for September 
Treasurer's report: xxxx.xx
Committee Reports,,,
Block of the month: Pat Y. has handed all of the blocks out for the year. Romme still has some extra old block patterns in case anyone is behind and needs some of the old ones.
Website: -

Community service:
Sue would like everyone to make any 12" star block with a cream, tan, or white background with blue and red pieces to include in a veteran's quilt that we are all making together. You can work on your star at Friday night sew (November 4th) or work on it at home. No specific due date.

Old business: 

We all decided that the quilt show and quilt raffle went well. We felt we had a successful show.  
The issue was brought up of how we are going to raise money in the New Year. Some had ideas of holding a silent auction or hiring a speaker to come and the group could host and sell tickets to the public for the event as we have done in the past.

The President's Challenge project is due back next month! Be sure to put that on your calendars!

New business: 
Becky suggested that next month we should begin the process of nominating new officers for 2017. We thought that we might form a nominating committee out of the current officers, but then the decision was made to throw it to the floor to decide on our new officers. 
Show and Tell:
Amy, Patti, Pat Y., Pat O., Janet 

Program: Pat O'Conner 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Quilt Show

Yesterday was our annual quilt show was yesterday. We had a grand total of 71 quilts registered, which we thought was good. We thank those who brought quilts to make it such a full show!

The winners are as follows;


1st place - Fire Island Hosta, Pat O'Conner

2nd place - Indian Summer, Romme Darrah

3rd place - Trifecta, Patti Taylor tied with Union Flag, Katie Darrah

Hand Quilted:

1st place - Redwork Girl, Romme Darrah

2nd place - Chicken Scratch, Barbara Rogers

3rd place - Applique Leaves, Sue Jacobs tied with Yo-yos, Donna Shearer


1st place - Nursery Rhyme, Romme Darrah

2nd place - Kansas City Star, Pat O'Conner

3rd place - Owls, Janet Hamm


1st place - Glorified Nine-patch, Romme Darrah

2nd place - Sunbonnet Sue, Sue Jacobs


1st place - Aunt Grace, Patti Taylor

2nd place - Jungle Babies, Barbara Rogers

3rd place - Applique, Patti Taylor


1st place - Runaway Quilt, Romme Darrah

2nd place - Scrappy Valor, Janet Hamm tied with Purple Pinwheels, Sue Jacobs

3rd place - Kansas City Royals, Donna Shearer

Runners and Wall Hangings:

1st place - Maxine Hicks, Flannel Flower Patch

2nd place - Cosmos, Romme Darrah

3rd place - Christmas Wreath, Patti Taylor

First Ever Quilt:

1st place - Tractors, Janet Hamm

2nd place - State Birds, Barbara Rogers


1st place - Christmas Runner, Nancy McBride

2nd place - Petal Pillow, Romme Darrah

3rd place - Peach Petal Pillow, Sue Jacobs

Best of Show:

Fire Island Hosta, Pat O'Conner

The winner of our raffle quilt was a member of our very own guild, Pat Yost! She was very pleased to say the least. We are glad to know that our Round Robin has found a home where we can be sure it will be taken care of.